Revelation Coin Project

The Revelation Coin Project a number of years ago embarked on a mission to prepare the crypto community adequately, in order to avoid the financial control that has ruled over the world for years and will worsen in years to come. The Revelation Coin Project’s mission will be accomplished by the interconnection of certain features within its developing ecosystem. These features are the newly developed REV chain, REV Wallet and NFT Mint, Barter/Trading System of REV and REV Xtras, with REVDeFi close to launching and under construction is the integration of Mobilechain™ and REV Dex.

Our Bartering/ Trading System of REV and REV Xtras

Join the Revolution

The Revelation Coin Project has developed, implemented and now is promoting a bartering/ trading system (REV coins) for those who wish to bypass the future mandatory one world currency system.

We will continually develop and partner with individuals and technologies in order to stay ahead of this event, and, have an updated system in place that is currently being used by those who wish to have another source to trade for goods and services (other than the centralized banking system).

Join us and become part of the movement:

Revelation Coin is the Revolution!

Prepare, Equip, Unite!

Revelation Coin Project - Introducing firsts to cryptocurrency development and blockchain technology...

REV Xtras

The Revelation Coin project in 2018 released 4 (four) additional bartering tools to create a complete blockchain bartering system. Much like the traditional finance system of notes or coins with lower and higher denominations, these coins known as REV Xtras have a much lower total supply than the traditional REV coin and will enable an individual to hold a bartering tool with a much higher value than REV. These coins are intended to compliment the original REV coin which is the foundation of The Revelation Coin project.

REV Xtras Passive Rewards

How were the REV Xtra coins earned?

Just as Revelation Coin was initially airdropped to the community in 2018, the REV Xtra coins were also being dispersed to the community for free as passive rewards for owning REV via a monthly airdrop and continued for 3 years.

This crypto first of a snapshot taken of the blockchain on the 7th of each month in order to provide a monthly airdrop as a passive reward to REV hodlers of the different REV and REV Xtras helped get these low supply coins into the hands of crypto enthusiasts.

The airdrops were only dispersed to personal wallets not to exchange wallets, this was to reward the hodler for keeping their REV and REV Xtras safe and away from the dangers of exchanges if they were not using them for trading.

The passive rewards system was distributed on the ETH network. With the launching of REV chain this system has ended as of May 2021 and ran for over 3 years.

REV, Xtras and Total Supply

Revelation Coin (REV) has a supply of 20,000,000,000

REV Silver (REVS) has a supply of 7,000,000

REV Gold (REVG) has a supply of 700,000

REV Platinum (REVP) has a supply of 70,000

REV Diamond (REVD) has a supply of 7,000

Where can I get REV and Xtras?

In May 2021 with the release of REV chain, REV and REV Xtras will be available through the REV Website on a REVDeFi page (not yet released new REV Website) which is linked to the REV Wallet.

The team will also have REV and Xtras listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges for the convenience of community members.

REV Wallet with REV NFT Mint

With the release of the new REV Wallet in May 2021, also brings to the crypto world the new REV chain and NFT Mint. This new to crypto function of minting NFT’s in wallet on the super fast REV chain, with low fees paid in REV is set to change the face of crypto/ NFT trading  and NFT production.

The REV Wallet will link directly to a page on the new REV Website (yet to be released to public) allowing NFT Artists, Traders, NFT Collectors, Musicians, Companies and more to Buy, Sell, Gift their NFT’s direct from the security of their wallet in a new DeFi first.

Currently the new REV Wallet is only available on Windows PC however our Dev teams are working hard to get this ready for release on Mac desktop.
We also have plans for release of the REV Wallet on both Android and iOS Mobile devices.


The team at REV project in June 2021 will finally be releasing their long awaited product REVDeFi. Initially set for launch in late 2020, it was decided the need to move away from the erc20 token and ever increasing ETH gas fees was paramount and therefor the REV chain would be rolled out before REVDeFi. The REVDeFi system, again a first in crypto, will consist of the now normal DeFi attributes of staking and yield farming of REV coins but also yield farming for low supply REV NFT’s.

The creator of the REVDeFi NFT’s, Benza who is a long time REV supporter and well respected artist, first put the set of REVDeFi NFT’s together in late 2020 and finished them off in early 2021. The set consists of 4 similarly different NFT’s, replicating the Xtras, and each one has a varying supply and voting weight attached.

The entire REVDeFi system will allow the REV community to use the coins and NFT’s as Dao or Governance of upcoming features, decisions and methods for the future of the REV Project, truly making this a community project as it was first intended to be.