Cross Platform Multi-BlockChain Currency

Revelation Coin Project is the innovator of yet another first in CryptoCurrency history. The team at Revelation Coin have implemented the world’s first Cross Platform Multi-BlockChain Currency. The Revelation Coin Project Team’s mainstay Revelation Coin has been launched across multiple blockchains from the original ERC20 to Waves, Tron, LTC and SLP networks with possibly more to follow. All REV Coins made available on other blockchains will have the equivalent burnt from the ERC-20 supply keeping the total supply available of 20b. The REV Xtras at this stage will not be placed on other networks whilst they are still being airdropped to REV hodlers.

In the true sense of DeFi, Revelation Coin can now be used for goods and/or services across multiple blockchains depending on your preferences. Simply this means you can trade or pay with REV Coin on your favourite networks such as Ethereum, Waves, Tron, Litecoin and BCH/SLP, with more being released as deemed required. Revelation Coin Project are currently looking to partner with a combination of businesses and payment systems across the globe to assist in making purchases easier, safer and completely crypto for a true decentralised finance system unlike any other available.