Absolutely not. You can start sending/ receiving REV Coin immediately. Already tens of thousands around the globe are utilizing the unique and forward thinking attributes of REV Coin. While developing strategies and technologies is the number one priority of the Revelation Coin Project we will also seek out partners (merchants) and payment processing systems that will provide a use for the REV Coin system. By having a working and in place real use infrastructure of trade before a one world currency system exists it will have holders of REV Coin prepared and ready, and allow system implementation and changes to be better suited when the time comes that use of REV Coin will no longer be optional but necessary.

One of the greatest problems of Bitcoin today is less supply, which results in manipulation of Bitcoin by a group of people called whales. We don’t want to face such problems as Bitcoin and we are working hard to limit the percentage of REV holders. Ultimately, we want to make sure that Rev Coin will get into enough hands for free or at a reasonable price in order that all may be prepared and equipped to have a working trade system in place.

While we can’t predict the future and there are no guarantees that it will not, we believe that by preparing our project, the team, the community, and, the developments ongoing and future of the project will ensure REV Coin will have the best chance for survival. Conversely, zero preparation leads to a zero chance. We believe it is a fair assumption to think that since there will be a large group of people across the globe who do not conform that there will be an alternative payment method as well.

We began by using ERC20 as a starting point to get the project off the ground. It is our opinion that many people are already familiar with ERC20 tokens and already have a wallet system in place to accommodate them (via MEW, Metamask, Mist, etc.), This has allowed the REV token to be more easily and readily available to be received via airdrops. Also, the Ethereum blockchain allowed the provision that the REV Coin cannot be taken down as there are no specific servers and server locations that it is run on.

Every minute of every day. The crypto community frequently has to trade one coin or token to buy another in order to fulfil their initial needs. The increasingly and widely used and favoured atomic swaps between blockchains in order to trade or purchase items with the accepted blockchain of choice by the exchange/ seller/ supplier is presently booming. It is of our opinion that the frequency and need is extremely high therefore the need to reduce time, create efficiency and allow a REV holder to trade unimpeded is very much at the fore of our agenda and complies with our need to evolve the project.

MobileChain is the use of mobile phones as nodes to help create decentralised stability for REV network and allow users to barter REV anywhere around the world at any given time unimpeded from centralised financial systems. This technology is being developed and currently worked on. As there is no current template to work with the creation of MobileChain is both new and challenging. When completed it will be rolled out worldwide and available to all compatible mobile devices and/ or advanced tech that proceeds them.

For the sustained survival and longevity of REV Coin and the complete bartering system both MobileChain and a REV blockchain must be implemented in order to give complete control to the future REV community. The complete REV platform will be available for not only REV but also other like projects to create contracts (their own tokens) on the REV platform creating a multi-faceted ecosystem. More on this to come as it is developed.


Hopefully this will fully answer your questions

Gold and silver have been long in place as a bartering tool. Just as always though gold bars and any other bartering tools are impractical to carry around. Also, keep in mind that the government may outlaw and/or order a confiscation of these commodities (It has happened before during wars and financial disasters, eg. U.S. President Roosevelt outlawed gold in 1933, Western Governments forcibly removed precious metals from its citizens to fund the struggling Government’s finances). This is where REV coin will take its rightful place as it can be carried both by small media offline and/or online, by means that cannot be confiscated.

While it is obvious that our name and hypothesis does come from a vision given to a follower of Christ and some of our team members or community are indeed of Christian faith, no one is excluded from participating in this project nor from owning, trading or bartering with Rev Coins. Many people believe that we are moving closer toward a one world currency and cashless society system. This coin was designed for an event, not a dogma.

If you do not believe where the future of finance is heading then that is ok. This project may not be for you. You can choose to move on to another project. We are not here to change your mind, debate nor impose any belief up you. This project is for those who have come to the conclusion by either Biblical prophecy, noticing world events, or any other means, and, think there will one day be a tyrannical one world government imposing a one world currency upon the population, or, are encouraged by the fact they can use a bartering tool other than a government backed centralized financial system.

If you have pertinent skills and feel that you could contribute to the cause, contact us. This is a joint venture project and to ensure that this coin is never subject to the coming new world order it must be distributed and contributed by a wide group of individuals and groups. We encourage you to join our telegram group, a great place for sharing of ideas.

We don’t think so. Based on both the short history of cryptocurrency and the rapid fire rate of failing projects and the wording of Biblical prophecy it appears that most will be done away with. It is arrogant to think that the current blockchain in place is and always will be perfectly immune to a one world centralized currency agenda. It’s also relative to point out that no crypto projects are specifically preparing for such an event. Once the one world system is implemented it will be too late to prepare and they will be well behind the eight ball. We at the Revelation Coin Project plan to be well prepared ahead of time to take the necessary precautions in order to ensure that a system will be solidly in place. This gives us an advantage since all of our resources and research are dedicated specifically towards these outcomes.

REV Xtras has been created and distributed for free to REV Coin holders to do one of two things.

One, reward holders of REV Coin.

Two, assist us in implementing a full bartering system able to replace the current financial monetary system.

REV Xtras are only available initially to REV Coin holders through the first known implementation of a monthly snapshot of the blockchain and airdrop system. Once the supply of REV Xtras are exhausted whether it be through continuation of the monthly snapshot or otherwise deemed as appropriate by the team, holders of REV Xtras can trade or barter their REV Xtras. In fact some REV Xtras are already available for trade on some CEX’s and DEX’s and in offline escrow groups.

This new system of cross platform multi blockchains allows us to reach a broader audience for bartering. It allows users of cryptocurreny from different parts of the globe to access REV Coin. This process we have implemented will eventually be the norm and again Revelation Coin Project Team have brought it to the world first putting us ahead of the curve, keeping our community in front of the pack and ensuring the survival of REV Coin.

For now there is no intention of adding Xtras to other blockchains while there are still Xtras being airdropped on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the supplies of Xtras have been exhausted through airdrops or ceased as deemed appropriate by the project team, then we will assess how to move forward with Xtras. The team reserves the right to implement new strategies for Xtras as deemed fit under changing circumstances.

Having REV available on multiple blockchains gives REV holders the choice of network on which they trade or barter their REV. This is exactly the idea behind REV cross platform. We don’t believe that holders of a coin or token on one platform should have to pay higher fees than on another and be stuck to trading on that manipulated platform. Judging by the current rise in ETH gas fees, it is imperetive that our cross platform multi blockchain REV be operational and available to all REV holders or those that would like to become REV holders, and that REV be readily available in-demand by the crypto enthusiast to maintain value for trading/ bartering purposes.