REV World

REV World brings together communities across the globe for the central purpose of discussing all things REV related. Our reach into all corners of the globe is a true testament to the years of solid growth and great foundations built by the Revelation Coin Project. REV World encapsulates the common purpose of groups , languages, nationalities and cultures, all needing to be freed from the central controlling currencies that dictate and dominate how they spend, where they invest and grow, what markets they fit into and so on. REV World is where we can all come together and discuss financial topics, ask questions, be educated and freed from the future one world currency. Revelation Coin Project is for the community, any community and all communities across our planet Earth.

We, the Revelation Coin Project Team, consider this project a “shared project”, a community project among those with the same concerns and we encourage input and discussion primarily through our Telegram Groups in English and with our newly created REV World Telegram Groups, a current online tool where individuals can share ideas and seek support.


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We welcome more groups, languages, nationalities to join us, join REV World. Please join a group mentioned above or if you would like to contribute or be a part of REV World in a language other than those above then please contact one of the admins in our English group chat and we can go on this journey together.