Revelation Coin Project

The Revelation Coin Project is a grass roots crypto research, development and implementation project based on the expectation that in the future there will be a forced implementation of a cashless, one world currency society, implemented by the leader of a one world government. 

Our goal is to develop a means for those who wish to bypass this mandatory mark and one world one currency system. We plan on doing this through blockchain and will continually develop and partner with like-minded and skilled individuals, businesses and technologies in order to be prepared for this event and have a system in place that can be used by those who wish to have another source to trade for goods and services (other than the centralized and completely cashless banking system soon to come). We realize that technology is constantly changing so through the assistance of both volunteers and paid developers we will continually evolve this project to achieve this goal and stay ahead of the technology curve while also introducing newer technologies and methods to provide an alternative coin when the need arises. Those who are holding REV will initially be in a far better off position.
We will be continually implementing the latest online and offline techniques to enable us to equip the individual to trade and barter without one world government interference, this is currently being achieved through Centralized Exchanges (CEX), Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), and, community escrow groups. As our contributors and partner numbers grow, as well as our funds, we will be able to achieve optimal preparation for this event.